AmeriCorps VISTA opportunity in Hayward!

The City of Hayward was awarded 10 AmeriCorps VISTA members to support the expansion of its educational services/programming at 10 local school sites! This is an amazing opportunity for college graduates to work within their community and make a difference–while gaining an abundance of work experience. They are recruiting now! Please see the job description for complete information or contact:

Lindsey Vien, Education Service Coordinator, City of Hayward
835 C St
Hayward CA 94541

Our freshmen in action!

So far, our freshmen have served at ten projects in the past two weeks–from Fremont to San Leandro, here in Hayward, out in Brentwood and over to Livermore: community gardens, fun runs, food services, habitat restoration. Lots of great photos are available on our facebook page!

CSUEB Freshmen Day of Service 2014 Gets Started

This weekend, March 29th, our Freshmen Day of Service (FDoS) projects begin. Our freshmen each take part in a ‘day of service’–through rotating projects on weekends, and some weekdays, through May 17th. The Center for Community Engagement works with a variety of non-profits, schools, and community-based organizations to coordinate this effort in partnership with the General Education program.

This weekend our students–rain or shine!–will be engaged in environmental restoration with Math Science Nucleus and Save the Bay; packaging medical supplies to distribute to hospitals in need around the world; sprucing up facilities at a senior residence; and working in the community garden at San Lorenzo high school.

To read more and see more–you can view FDoS 2013 here.


Pioneers for Change: Busy Leaders!

Our Pioneers for Change joined thousands of people across the country for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. Our PfCs literally dug in at  Lake Merritt for a day of service in their Urban Community Garden. See photos here.

In late January, our students were treated to a visit from Ann Fajilan, Professor of Theatre & Dance at CSUEB, who worked with our students on building trust, teamwork, and confidence. All our students raved about the training.


In early February, our PfCs worked with the Hayward Public Library’s Informational Walk to help gather community feedback on the idea of a NEW 21st Century Downtown Library! Our student leaders reached out in the local Hayward community and met Mayor Sweeney!                                 library-walk-pfc

Pioneers for Change: Word Wall

Pioneers for Change Word Wall 2013-2014


What could all these words possibly have in common? They describe our student leaders in Pioneers for Change. These are self-selected words that our PfC’s chose to describe themselves and their outlook on life. To read why our student leaders chose their words–swing by trailer 120 on the walkway above the Agora stage!

Student Leadership for Community Engagement

A big thanks to Dianne Rush Woods for joining our Pioneers for Change training session on December 7th. Dianne is the University’s Diversity Officer, and facilitated a fun and informative workshop for our PfCs on diversity and inclusion.dianne-rush-woods-at-training

And a big kudos to students at Tennyson High School Puente Program for completing a mural started April 2013. Two of our CSUEB Art students Maribel Wigon and Sonny Tan solicited donations and supplies for the project, as well as guided Tennyson High Students in the process of painting a mural. Emily Chow, Hayward Promise Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator, has been a key contributor in the development of partnerships and getting the project going!  You can find out more about the mural on our Facebook page!

Pioneers for Change in Action

Our student leadership program Pioneers for Change is picking up speed.

img_1395 img_1391 img_1388 img_1357

We have our third group training this weekend. Dianne Rush Woods, the University Diversity Officer, will be joining us. Some of our students are building their leadership portfolios through attending campus events and collaborating with campus partners. A good number of our students went to the Real Talk Discussion on hate crimes sponsored by ASI’s Diversity Center last Tuesday. Two of our PfCs, Alise Smith and Vanessa Castillo (Student Lead) presented at CSUEB’s American Language Program on traditions surrounding Thanksgiving. alp-11-13

All of our Pioneers for Change participated in Student Life and Leadership’s Making an Impact student leadership conference. Before winter break, many of our leaders will be joining Downtown Oakland YMCA in their 4th Annual Toy Drive and Give Away–our students will be collecting and sorting donations; then joining in the fun on Dec. 13th for the big family event. In year two of our leadership program, we are still thinking of ways to connect with and support the campus and community. Let us know if you have some ideas!

Great Books: “Blessed Unrest”

I’m one of those people who always has a handful of books that I’m randomly reading. In my office, they are strewn around my desk (or the floor). At home, they pile up on coffee and bedside tables (or the floor). Sometimes I finish them. Sometimes the point with a book isn’t necessarily to finish it, but to keep reading– slowly–savoring concepts and words, letting them stew. One of these books is Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken. Hawken writes about the environmental movement–not just from an action-oriented perspective, or ecological framework, but with the notion that a new generation of grassroots and high level organizations are reshaping what it means to be a ‘civil society.’ The book touches on philosophies and philosophers, current events, history, and of course, environmental issues. The 115 page Appendix is a great resource for faculty and students, providing a wealth of information and definitions to support class discussion or writing assignments.